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Episode 10 Links

Oct 27, 2012



Brony subculture analysis by Ray Kimball:

Fill Gamez looking for background and vector artists (title the email "Artist Audition" if applying):

Adweek Hot List polls:

The Huffington Post brony article:

Shout Factory Season One DVD details:

Grimdark RP Forum, Griffon Kingdoms:

Issue 3 of the FiM comic available for pre-order:

New pony merchandise:

New vinyl figures (turns out they're Dr. Hooves and Fluttershy):

Fanfiction- Twilight Sparkle: History's Greatest Monster by PotatoJoe:

Music- Searching for a Friend by Radiarc:

Music- Ghostly Won't Giggle Back by ShinZm:

Music- Power Slipping by Zahqo featuring Haymaker:

Music- Portal to Equestria: Bonus Stage by Theraclese:

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