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Episode 11 Links

Nov 2, 2012



Cooking merchandise in Europe:

Michelle Creber and Family Christmas album (with MandoPony) on Indiegogo:

The Hub Friends Forever Sweepstakes:

The Storybook Project video, The First Pegasus:

Trotcon opened panelist and artist applications:

Galacon in Germany changing locations:

Sweet Apple Acres Con announces dates and location:

Brony UK (BUCK) is looking for staff members:

Hey Ocean coming to Fiesta Equestria convention:

Kazumi Evans (the singing voice of Rarity) and Justine Pulles (painter/illustrator/colorist on season 3) have joined Twitter: @Kazooms27 and @steen182

Zap2It have revealed the names of several episodes for season 3:

Music- Sweet Apple Blues by KFrohman (covered by EileMonty):

Music- The Wonderbolts, The Shadowbolts Pt. 4: The Finale by Mando Pony:

Music- Carnival Cat Vs. Ponyville by Sand Josieph:

Music- Empyrean Flux by ShinZm: