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Episode 12 Links

Nov 10, 2012



Disney is NOT buying Hasbro:

FiMFiction an online panel on November 20th at 11AM EST:

Seeds of Kindness 2 raised enough money to supply doors and windows to a Ugandan orphanage project:

Season 4 of FiM mentioned in DHX's investor relations documents:

The Brony Thank You Fund ad is on Youtube:

The FiM comic release party in Anaheim, CA has been delayed from November 14th to December 1st:

Equestria Daily is looking for new pre-readers:

The Trotmania pack for Stepmania (aka Rhythm is Magic) is now available:

The synopses for episodes 4 and 5 for season 3 have been revealed:

The Bronycon documentary has a new name, it's now called Bronies- The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fanbase of My Little Pony:

The Gameloft MLP game is now available on iOS and Android for free:

Another season 3 clip has been posted (and yet another after recording):

Music- Sleepy Ghosties by PhillyPu:

Music- United Equestria by Carbon Maestro:

Music- Tyrant by Neon JalapeƱo:

I just don't know: