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Episode 15 Links

Nov 27, 2012



Fan animation team looking for assistance on a video:

Galacon announces the attendance of the French voice actress for Rarity, Julie Basecqz:

Toywiz is accepting preorders for the 7th wave of blindbag ponies, known as the Wonderbolt set, for $59.99:

Adventures in the Crystal Empire DVD is on shelves at Target:

Lovefilm, a European company, has signed a deal with DHX Media (the company behind the cartoon) to stream content:

Little Brown Books has revealed multiple MLP titles for 2013, including books about seaponies (and mermares) and an official guidebook:

Andrea Libman won an award for Best Voice at the UBCP/ACTRA Awards for her on MLP:

Music- Crusaders by M Pallante:

Music- Pink Bowtie by Mysterious Bronie (warning: shipping):

Music- Epically Failed (I Wasn't Prepared) by Dr Dissonance:

Music- For a Friend by Le Soldat Pony: