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Feb 13, 2017

Time for episode 170! We have news. There's actually not a lot of it. HOWEVER... some big things did drop. Like characters from the upcoming movie. And a certain captain lending his voice to the show.

Nemesis and Alca7raz also have two comics to review. Friends Forever #36 and Friendship is Magic #50. The latter is a milestone that, well, doesn't impress. After that, they talk all about Sunset Shimmer! Who she is, how the fandom reacted to her, and how she compares to a certain princess. And to wrap the episode up, they have some songs and a fanfic to share in Fan Content! Tune in!

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Skyward Shoe
five and a half years ago

Thanks for the feature guys, it was fun listening to your discussion of bacon horse!

And no, there was no shipping, aside from a very brief tease in the third chapter with a Sparkle in the Hayburger. I'm planning on writing a sequel eventually, but it will likely be quite a few months before that is finished.