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Oct 9, 2017

Show Notes (This is where you can find links to news and Fan Content!):

Episode 200! We made it this far. Wow. Can we get to 300? It's possible. But in this episode, we have some news to share! Some of it includes DHX being up for sale, a new pony book, and Movie box office sales. Oh, and apparently one massive leak of the rest of season 7. Oh. Oh no.

After that, Nemesis and Alca7raz review a new comic, Friendship is Magic #59! One that's a followup to an unaired episode... Moving on, they also discuss "Once Upon a Zeppelin!" Twilight goes on a cruise with her family. But it turns out to be a trick. And then we have Fan Content, which has a song and fanfic this week. And finally, we talk about My Little Pony: The Movie for an hour! Spoilers, but we give plenty of warning. Hope you tune in!