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Episode 21 Links

Jan 8, 2013



Voice actor Grey DeLisle is voicing Derpy for a fan project:

The Round Stable has cut ties with Everfree Network:

Trotcon has announced Emily Jones of Pegasisters Live, Summer Hayes of the My Little Pony Fair, and pony/Pokemon artist Purple Kecleon will be attending:

Wish voice actor Lee Tockar a happy birthday by recording a video of you singing Happy Birthday while wearing a mustache (no really) and sending in to by February 3rd.

Gamespot has an article on the Fighting is Magic game:

Fanfiction- Three Hundred and Fifty by Void Chicken:

Music- Trusting You by Megaphoric feat. Joaf the Loaf:

Music- Apology by WanderingArtist:

Music- The Magic of Winter by Orchestral Design:
Plus, get the whole album here (name your price):