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Episode 24 Links

Jan 29, 2013



Fiesta Equestria! announced Peter New and Michael Daingerfield, as well as many fandom guests:

An extended synopsis of the episode "Games Ponies Play" has released:

iTunes has a few preview pages from the 4th issue of the My Little Pony comic:

Michael Brockhoff, producer of the Bronies documentary, did an AMA on Reddit. Derpy Hooves News has provided a transcript:

PonyconAU has begun registration, with a discount available until February 1st:

The title of an upcoming MLP DVD has been discovered. Called "Twilight Sparkle Princess," the DVD will release on April 30th:

Japan is receiving an official dub of MLP, the series is set to premiere in April:

A new con has been announced, called Appleloosa Con. It will take place in Phoenix, Arizone on April 19-21:

Las Pegasus Unicon has announced even more guests, including Tabitha St. Germain, Michelle Creber, and more:

a leak of the January issue of Toy World Magazine revealed a brand new MLP playset, which appears to include an alicorn Twilight Sparkle toy:

Fanfic- Hybrids by Bok:

Music- Do the Pony by F3nning:

Music- Harmony by crazyoatmeal3:

Music- Of Greater Horizons by Kyoga:

Music- Changeling Anthem by Carbon Maestro: