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Episode 25 Links

Feb 5, 2013



Brony Thank You Fund looking for volunteers:

The Daily Oat has a handy convention guide:

Mane6 released a character showcase of Fluttershy, plus her stage music:

Las Pegasus Unicon released a tentative panel schedule:

And that Meghan McCarthy will be attending:

Trotcon has announced the attendance of Lee Tockar and Heather Breckel:

Fiesta Equestria! has announced Kelly Metzger, Maryke Hendrikse, and Sam Vincent for their con:

MLP Monopoly is coming:

Enterplay has announced a Derpy card tin coming to Hot Topic:

A lot of pony merchandise has been shown at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, including show-accurate plushies:

Princess Twilight Sparkle is official:

Art- Battle Ponies without background by cmaggot:

Art- The New Princess by Sajira:

Art- Into Her Own Reflection She Stared by yuji8sushi:

Art- Her Turn by KraftSingles:

Art- Nopony by Fetlocks:

Fanfic- Hard Reset by Eakin: