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Episode 7 Links

Oct 5, 2012



MLP Comic Launch Party at Beach Ball Comics:

Season 3 release month:

Bronies for Good Blood drive Initiative:

LUNARCast/My Little Clan:

John de Lancie Interview:

The Huffington Post Article:

The Jerry Springer Show brony segment:

MLP Disposable Wash Gloves:

M.A. Larson appearing at Equestria LA and 1-day registration opened:

Artwork- My Punky Pony- Twilight Sparkle:

Artwork- Live 2D by TXLegionnaire:

Artwork- Hooves and Popcorn by Mi-eau:

Artwork- Twilight: Esoteric Knowledge by GiantMosquito:

Fanfiction- Veil of Thoughts by Starwin:

Music- First Flight by Evening Star:

Music- Ponies of War by Kenneth: