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Episode 8 Links

Oct 13, 2012


Oh, hello there! Episode 8 of Pony 411 is here, and with an intro song by Artfan. Finally. Anyway, we delve into some news, including Borderlands 2 pony references, Walmart not quite getting it, new  blindbag ponies, EQLA news, and more.

After that, considering the fact that Friendship is Magic turned 2 years old, we talk about how we got into the show, when, and why we love it so much. A glimpse into the crazy minds of your hosts.

Four String then does an interview with Starshine and Darkly Cute, two of the organizers of Trotcon, and they talk about their plans for 2013.

And finally, the usual fan content, including fanfiction, art, and music.

Borderlands 2 Character with pony references:

Walmart brony shirt:

PonyRenFest in Texas:

Wave 6 Blindbags:

Bronycon documentary debut at EQLA:

Equestria LA has announced Tara Strong, Meghan McCarthy and Lauren Faust:

BAU Party compilation album:

My Little Game Jam games:

Esquire Singapore brony article coming:

Official MLP Comic altered release date:

Fanfiction- Twi Hard 2: Twi Harder by Arcainum:

Art- Defender by vombavr:

Art- Zombie Halloween by adailey:

Art- Flutterpie by Mujinai:

Art- Dreams of a Foal by 1n33d4hug:

Music- E36 (sofas and Quills) by SoGreatandPowerful:

Music- A Day of Crusading by OrchestraDesign:

Music- Life With a Discordant Philosophy by dropkickproductiontx: