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Episode 9 Links

Oct 20, 2012



Lee Tockar joins the the Brony Thank You Fund:

Rainbow Dash cosplay makeup how-to:

MLP Comic pre-orders at around 90,000:

More MLP Comic News:

Fighting Game Bronies 24-hour charity stream:

Equestria Daily Pony Pumpkin Event:

FiM++ Programming Language update:

John de Lancie Trekcore interview:

Las Pegasus Unicon Great Ponylian music event:

Gameloft My Little Pony game:

Daneil Ingram's composing desk auction:

Equestria LA announces William Anderson:

Hey Ocean CBC Radio interview:

Royal Guard Paintball group:

Toywiz OC Pony Competition:

Daily Dot Fading Fandom article:

Music- In the Skies by BluNoseReindeer:

Music- Snow Suite by WanderingArtist:

Music- Pinkieller by GatoPaint:

Music- Lunar Guardian by ZahiraZephyr:

Fanfiction- Ascend by xTSGx: