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Oct 27, 2012

Welcome to our 10th episode! First, Artfan does something... weird with his voice, and then we go over the quick hits. This week's include a study on the brony subculture, details on the season 1 DVD, some new merchandise to throw money at, and details of a season 3 episode!

Afterwards, we decide to talk about pony cons, and whether or not they may be getting out of hand. We speak at length about the alarming number popping up, how bunched up they are, and whether the fans and show staff may start feeling burnout from them all.

Finally, we talk about a fanfic and some music, courtesy of Nemesis and Four String.

Since Halloween is coming, it made sense to use Nightmare Night by WoodenToaster and Mic the Microphone for our intro/outro:

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