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Nov 2, 2012

Welcome to the 11th episode of Pony 411! This week we cover some news including Michelle Creber and family raising money for a Christmas album (with MandoPony!), some cooking merchandise popping up in Europe, the names of several season 3 episodes (skip over 8:00-9:45 to avoid spoilers), and more!

We then go into a spoiler-laden discussion of the recent 8 minute teaser that popped up recently. Can it still be a teaser if it's a third of an episode? Whatever, we talk about our impressions, including what it might mean for the rest of the episode and the animation. Again, skip over 10:54-44:26 if you want to stay spoiler free.

Four String then interviews Laurent Malaquais, the director of the much anticipated Bronycon documentary. He talks of his experience making the documentary, some of the potential concerns and criticisms of the project, the potential impact the fandom will have on the world, and which pony he would dress as for Halloween. You should give it a listen. Seriously.

Finally, we do our usual fan content, but with a slight twist. Nemesis decides to talk (more like rant) about mistakes that fanfiction writers tend to make. Four String then wraps up our show with 4 excellent songs. Not his own songs, though. You don't want to hear those. Trust me.

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