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Nov 10, 2012

It's an odd week here at Pony 411. We start off with the usual quick hits, potential season 4, episode synopses, the release of the official MLP game, and a season 3 clip.

Then things get weird. We attempt to discuss which pony we'd vote for if Equestria was having an election. But thanks to all 3 hosts being tired while recording, we derail ourselves. Multiple times. Including talk of cruise ships. Yeah. A glimpse into the true depths of our madness.

But we eventually recovered, and got to talking about some music. Three excellent pieces, courtesy of Four String. No fanfiction because of some game called Halo 4 keeping Nemesis occupied. But fan art comes up. Kind of.

By the way, look for episode 13 in a few days. We're shifting our schedule around because season 3 is here, and we want to talk about the new episodes in a timely manner.

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