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Nov 20, 2012

In this episode, the much alluded to FusionFox finally makes an appearance. Really. He joins for our usual Quick Hits, which includes news such as Enterplay having a contest for signed trading cards, a new con in Texas, another con getting cancelled, and Bronycon moving.

After that, we talk about Too Many Pinkie Pies, the most recent episode to air. More specifically, funny faces, hands, and parallels to Lesson Zero. And more. Oh so much more. Nemesis then presents his thoughts on the Gameloft MLP game, with some input from Fusion. They do not pull any punches.

Four String then interviews the Deputy of Public Relations for Bronycon, Logan Biscornet. We get a few details about the 2013 convention, like why they made the move from New York City to Baltimore, and what kind of attendance they're expecting.

Finally, we have some fan content. Nemesis presents a fanfic that highlights the problems with the Gameloft game (he's still bitter), and Four String gives us two long, long songs. Seriously, the two of them combined are about as long as an episode of MLP.

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