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Jan 15, 2013

Another edition of the Pony 411 podcast has arrived! It's another episode of only Nemesis and Four String, but they have a lot to talk about. Quick hits kicks the show off as usual, and includes items such as Pony flash drives, Fighting is Magic appearing on the main stage at EVO 2013 (except not really), a new MLP DVD, and much, much more!

Afterwards, they decide to talk about the recently released issue of the MLP comic, and they gush quite a bit about it. It's a surprisingly long discussion. All about PO-NAYS! And spiderses. Or something. Skip over 15:05 to 31:03 if you want avoid spoilers.

Finally, we get to fan content, where Nemesis grouses a bit about fanfics and then Four String talks about some music, including the recently released piece from MandoPony and AcousticBrony, AKA AcoustiMandoBrony. Tune in to hear the rambling!

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