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Sep 7, 2012

Shenanigans are afoot this week for the Pony 411 podcast. Funky decides that he is Zecora! More about military bronies! We discuss the smell of ponies (it makes sense in context)! And Four String is with Tori Spelling? It has to be heard to be believed.

Plus, we talk a bit about merchandise, FiM being nominated for a Tubey, and a breaking announcement about the 3rd Shout Factory DVD that was totally not spliced in. Of course, as per usual we talk about some fan content including a game, an artist, and two songs.

So come on and slam, and welcome to the Pony 411 jam!

And as always, questions and comments can be directed to @pony411 on Twitter or


Army Times article:

Pony Wipes:

Assorted Merchandise:

My Little Game Jam:

Tubey nominations: (it's category 13)

Shout Factory DVD:

Artist- Tess:

Game- My Little Pegasus: Kizuna DoPonyPachi :

Music- Marching for a Brighter Future by Legendary:

Music- Far From Home by Kyoga: