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Sep 21, 2012

Not a whole lot happening this week, but we still managed to talk for an hour. Some of the news includes a new convention popping up in Las Vegas, Build-A-Bear and ponies, info about the official comic series, and more!

We also decide to take a look at a darker corner of the fandom, and discuss grimdark content at length. Bring a flashlight. Or cast a light spell if you prefer. It's going to get messy.

Afterwards, Four String interviews Sparklepeep, a cool dude who makes buttons and the like with ponies on them. We also talk about an artist and some music, but no fanfiction. Artfan just kept mumbling something about iPhones. Not sure what that was about.

So avast! Prepare to be boarded by the S.S Pony 411!

Also, don't forget to send questions and comments to @Pony411 on Twitter or

(By the way, the intro and outro are from "Twilightlicious" by SimGretina.)

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