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Sep 1, 2012

It's time for episode 2! On this weeks episode, a rundown of news from the week, Fourstring talks about a brony meetup he went to, we talk a bit about Trotmania and Fighting is Magic, theorize a bit on season 3, and talk about the official MLP comic from IDW. Plus, the usual spotlight on an artist, some music, and a fanfic. And EXPLOSIONS!

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PONIES The Anthology charity items: Shirts/Posters

Brony Beatdown video:

Rainbow Dash drink:

Trotmania video:

MLP Comic #1 pre-orders: Single Issue/Box Set

Artist- Pig-Fish: (note: not for the easily disturbed)

End of the World by Cyril Lyric: (music)

Manehatten Mornings (Songbird) by Eccentrifuge feat. Le Soldat Pony: (music)

Ultimate Sweetie Belle by Alex S.: (music)

Dawn in Equestria by NightBreeze: (music)

Twilight Sparkle Gets a Free Salad by AestheticB: (story)