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Sep 14, 2012

In this week's episode of Shrek Pony 411, we have a ton of news to go through, including more info about the Adventures in the Crystal Empire DVD, convention news regarding Equestria LA and a new con opening in Germany, a bit about about new official plushies (TWILIGHT! HAS! WINGS!), and more (snowboarding. Wait what?). We also talk about the season 1 boxset finally coming to the US and the rise of music from the fandom.

As something extra awesome, Four String interviewed Le Soldat Pony, an exceptional musician we have gushed about previously. And we're totally not saying these nice things just because he listens to our show. Honest.

Of course, we also do our usual fan content spotlights in art and fanfiction.

You guys know the drill by now. Send in questions and comments to @Pony411 on Twitter or email us at

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