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Sep 29, 2012

Despite what Artfan may think, we're still the Pony 411 Podcast! This week, we talk about when season 3 might air, Oppan Gangnam style shirts at We Love Fine, new toys, exercise, a potential movie (hype get), and more!

We then go right back to season 3 discussion and talk about what we want to see happen, because we're just as anxious as everyone else about it. Story arcs! Villains! John de Lancie! Twilight x Twilight?! It gets interesting.

Four String scored quite the interview, with none other than Equestria Daily staffer Calpain! Listen in for some behind-the-scenes details about the the inner workings of EqD!

Finally we talk about some fan content, including some artwork and music. No fanfiction yet again, because Artfan was buried under a mountain of complaints about Apple Maps. Nemesis is forcefully taking fanfiction over next week. God help us all.

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P.S. The intro, outro, and interludes are from At the Gala in C Minor by ApocalypsePenguin:

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