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Jan 16, 2018

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode 209! Quite a bit of news this week. A bunch of fan games were updated or announced, several new plushies have popped up, and yet another leak has happened. That's not great. But there's more beyond that!

Alca7raz and Nemesis then have Legends of Magic...

Jan 1, 2018

Show Notes:

The first episode of 2018, episode 208, is here! Well, for us it was the last episode of 2017. Time is weird. Anyway, we have a tiny bit of news to share with you. It includes convention announcements, fan games, new Equestria Girls specials, and more!

Nemesis and...

Dec 18, 2017

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode 207! In it, we start off with news, as usual. Like new toy listings, a new convention, and things... happened. Shortly before recording there was a massive leak, and we do talk about it, but without any FiM season 8 spoilers.

Alca7raz and Nemesis then...

Dec 4, 2017

Show Notes:

Time for episode 206! We have news to share! Again. Because that's the norm. Anyway, it includes tidbits like con guests, more algorithm shenanigans, Equestria Girls dolls appearing in stores, and more!

Nemesis and Alca7raz start off the discussion by finally looking at...

Nov 20, 2017

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode 205! We're back after two weeks and we bring... less news than we expected. But we suspect you'll still be interested. It contains bits like YouTube's algorithms being bad (again), weird backpacks, release dates for The Movie, and more!

Alca7raz and...