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Sep 15, 2020

Show Notes:

Episode 298 is here! With a very small amount of news. But said news does include a bit about Pony Life coming to YouTube (and not Discovery Family). Plus other stuff.

Nemesis and Alca7raz have another Transformers/My Little Pony comic to talk about! Then it's more Pony...

Sep 1, 2020

Show Notes:

Episode 297 has arrived! And it has brought news. News like new x-ray pony figures, comic previews, and the first bit of anything we've had on G5 in a long time (although it may be a bit wrong).

Alca7raz and Nemesis then once again get into Pony Life! Only two episodes...

Aug 18, 2020

Show Notes:

Welcome to episode 296! News is sparse this time around. Some new Pony Life episode titles and a little bit more.

Nemesis and Alca7raz do cover the new comics that just came out. Because comics are back! First it's Transformers/My Little Pony Friendship in Disguise #1...

Aug 4, 2020

Show Notes:

Episode 295 is a go! In the news this week, a video was uploaded that got some in the fandom a bit upset. Plus some new merch, comic previews, and Pony Life clips.

Alca7raz and Nemesis then have more Pony Life episodes to talk about. While still trying to get a handle on...

Jul 21, 2020

Show Notes:

Episode 294 is here! And in the news, there's new Pony Life toys, comic news, and more. Like Rainbow Dash becoming Sonic. No, really.

Nemesis and Alca7raz then talk about more Pony Life episodes! Episodes 5-8, specifically. And again, it's hard to get a read on the series...