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Episode 22 Links

Jan 15, 2013



Official Pony-themed flash drives coming this year:

Fighting is Magic going to appear at EVO 2013, although not on the main stage as initially thought:

My Little Pony has several things up for nomination for the 2013 Shorty Awards:

A new Shout Factory DVD is coming to Walmart on January 29th, and it's called Pinkie Pie Party:

Andrea Libman did an AMA on Reddit:

A 4 page preview of issue #3 of the MLP comic is on iTunes:

Las Pegasus Unicon has announced many, many voice actors:

Surprise, Andrew Francis did not do the final voice of Braeburn as was previously believed, it was actually Michael Daingerfield:

The Brony documentary has been delayed until January 19th:

A new promo for season 3 has aire on The Hub:

Midwestria is taking 2013 off:

The title and synopsis for episode 12 has been revealed:

Music- Kindess by AcoustiMandoBrony:

Music- Sweet Apple Acres (Waterloo Sunset) by Replacer feat. Feather:

Music- Ethereal Wanderer by Linx: