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Episode 6 Links

Sep 29, 2012



Potential MLP movie:

New shirts at We Love Fine (including Oppan Gangnam style ones):

The Brony Health Group is looking for experienced writers:

Brony segment on Canada's CBC Radio:

New toys including moveable ponies:

MLP toys coming to French restaurant called Quick (sorry about calling it McDonald's. Blame Fusion):

Andrea Libman and Brenda Crichlow coming to Equestria LA:

Canterlot Gardens will have Andrew Francis, Brony Thank You Fund ad, and more:

Join he Brony Choir:

Italian TV Blog potentially giving the release of season 3:

Artwork- From the Life Twilight by Holivi:

Artwork- Cadance and Queen Chrysalis by Egriz:

Artwork- The Slump by tdreyer1:

Artwork- Carrot and Derpy: Super Special Saga by Auraion:

Music- Inner Struggle by DrDissonance1:

Music- The Halls of Nightmare by Legendary:

Music- Legacy of Star Swirl by Carbon Maestro: