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Feb 19, 2013

It's time for a new episode of Pony 411! This week, we only have two news items to talk about. One of them is the new spin-off series called Equestria Girls. You know, the thing that has unnerved the fandom. A lot.

Speaking of unnerving things, the season 3 finale has aired, and Nemesis, LordFunkyFist and Artfan are here to discuss it. Listen in as they talk of the length of the episode, the implications for season 4, and quite a bit more. Including a crazy theory that Nemesis has. Then again, his last crazy theory was the existence of alicorn Twilight... Anyway, they also talk a little about season 3 overall. So tune in, and remember, everything's gonna be fine.

News links:

Amazon now has the cover for the upcoming My Little Pony DVD, Princess Twilight Sparkle:

The new My Little Pony IP has been confirmed to be Equestria Girls, which will be about humanized versions of the mane 6: