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Feb 28, 2013

The ride never ends! The 3rd season is over, but that doesn't mean that Pony 411 stops! We have quite a few quick hits this week, including Brony Doc news, official plushies, fan animations, and more!

Afterwards we talk a bit about show news out of Unicon, both about season 3 and 4. But then we get to the meat of the...

Feb 19, 2013

It's time for a new episode of Pony 411! This week, we only have two news items to talk about. One of them is the new spin-off series called Equestria Girls. You know, the thing that has unnerved the fandom. A lot.

Speaking of unnerving things, the season 3 finale has aired, and Nemesis, LordFunkyFist and Artfan are...

Episode 26 Links

Feb 10, 2013



Season 4 accidentally confirmed, will be 26 episodes:

The Bronies documentary ceases production on extra content for general distribution:

Feb 10, 2013

We have another episode for you! This week, there wasn't a lot of news for the quick hits, but there was definitely BIG news. This includes season 4 being confirmed, a TV movie, unfortunate legal woes for Mane6, and more!

Of course, there was a new episode to talk about this week, Games Ponies Play. Hear what we thought...

Feb 6, 2013

Hey there, listeners! We have a special extra episode for you guys! Artfan interviewed Eric Ridenour, the creator of the fan movie, Journey of the Spark.

We decided to make it a standalone episode because it's over 90 minutes long, and we couldn't bear to cut any of it out. So listen in to hear tales of how the project...