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Feb 28, 2013

The ride never ends! The 3rd season is over, but that doesn't mean that Pony 411 stops! We have quite a few quick hits this week, including Brony Doc news, official plushies, fan animations, and more!

Afterwards we talk a bit about show news out of Unicon, both about season 3 and 4. But then we get to the meat of the show, the recent, um, meltdown at Unicon. What went wrong, theories, speculation, and rumors, and the fandom reaction. We also talk a bit about how this might affect other cons in the future, as well as discover the official Unicon statement towards the end. Finally, Nemesis talks a bit about the first MLP Micro-series comic. So tune in!

By the way, we're changing how we deliver quick hit links and whatnot to you this week. Check it all out in the Show Notes doc: